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Hogwarts - A History's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Hogwarts - A History

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[20 Apr 2003|08:37pm]

Instinctively Marion grabbed him right back, seizing Jack's sholders. "Says the one who is so afraid of me in the first place. I thought I was the one playing games, Jack." He retorted in between the kissing war that had erupted between them. Both young men were trying to force the other person to submit, to break away of their own will and be recognized as the weaker. This was the kind of challenge Marion loved. Adrenalin rushing through his veins, his mind racing through the possibilities to predict his opponent's next movements. Nothing better to make you feel alive than a contest of wills.
Except maybe now there was. There was a moment where he hadn't been controlled as usual. It hadn't lasted long, but there was no control in that moment. Just pure fury. Pure, unbridled emotion. So he did have it still, and Jack was responsible for finding it. Angry, he had been angry for the briefest of seconds. Oh, how delicious.
But not while they were in open hallway. Marion backed up a step, pulling Jack with him as he kicked a door open and shoved them both inside, rolling over so that he was pinning Jack to the floor right after they landed.
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[02 Dec 2002|11:55am]

((my own separate post^^))

Shall we annoy Jack again?Collapse )
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[28 Nov 2002|05:27pm]

((May asked us to move this to a separate post, Bri. So, tada!))

Daemon/BrenCollapse )
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Grand Opening (once again ;-) ) [16 Nov 2002|12:27am]

Going back to Hogwarts.

To Ash Steerforth that meant disorientation, a hint of nausea as the Portkey shoved him rudely into space. Gleeful dizziness when the dimension wavered back to normal and the grey castle towers suddenly popped into view. Being sprawled on the ground with his sister's elbow in his face was a frequent reoccurrence, too.

He couldn't jump up to his feet fast enough to drink in the Bliss of Being Back, scan the mob of arriving students on the green for that one particular head of blond curls he was most anxious to see. A dismissive pat on the shoulder was his farewell to his sister, then he merged with the crowd, cheerfully greeting old aquaintances and skillfully forming new ones at the wink of an eye. So good to be back again.

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